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Getting Smoking Cessation Help

Many people search for the answers on how to quit smoking. The fact you're here,
tells us you are ready to learn. We want to help you understand all you can about
smoking and nicotine addiction. We bring together the most recent information into
one easy to read place. So if you really want to sotp, then you've come to the right

We constantly review the latest scientific literature, which gives you the best chance.
An informed smoker is a former smoker. Our desire is to
equip smokers and help
them set realistic expectations in their journey to becoming smoke-free.
So if you
are ready, then let's get to it. First of all, you need to make a decision to say no more!


Smoking cessation is widely viewed as one of the most difficult tasks anyone can
do in their life. Most make a quit attempt several times. Despite this fact, millions of
people have been successful when trying to lay down those cigarettes.

So, what do those who have successfully quit have in common? That's simple, they
all made a
decision to stop AND then they followed that up with a series of other
decisions. These decisions become an action plan - the plan is the key. Many try to
quit but are unable because they haven't mentally prepared themselves for the
process, or perhaps they don't really desire to stop.

You deserve to get your life back. Aren't you tired of constantly thinking about and
then trying, to quit cigarettes? Then follow this simple
quitting smoking timeline and
use our resources to get the information you need to win, once and for all.


Step 1
    Print and complete these three smoking cessation forms prior to your quit

       Step 2
    Select a series of new activities and distractions that you can use when the
    cravings hit.  Go to our Cravings page for ideas.

       Step 3
       Step 4
    Set a Quit Date and tell everyone you are quitting cigarettes, so they can give
    you help and support. Ask 2 or 3 people to be available for you to call for
    when you are struggling the most with cravings.

    Call the National Quit line at 1-800-Quit-Now or some other phone
    counseling agency. This has been shown to work well with websites like
    ours to improve your success rate.

       Step 5
    Throw away ALL smoking related items before your quit date.  Take a look at
    the Tips page for more on this.

       Step 6
    Quit on your designated quit date and use your stop smoking aid as directed.

       Step 7
    Avoid your identified triggers.

       Step 8
    Don't let nicotine control you or your mind. "Start enjoying what life can be!"
66 Reasons
Stop Smoking
Philippians 4:6-7
You Can Quit Smoking
Let us HELP you start enjoying what life can be!
We've been helping people breathe easier for 20 years.
Let our experience help you.
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Q:  What should I do with the unused packs, lighter,
ashtrays, etc.?
A:  Throw them away in someone else's garbage can.
Otherwise, you'll be tempted to get them out of yours.

Q:  How do I know if I'm addicted to nicotine?
A:  Take our quiz and find out if you are one of the 85% of
smokers addicted to nicotine.

Q:  Is smoking really that bad for you? Aren't the drug
companies just trying to sell us their pills?
A:  Yes smoking is bad for you, on many levels. The
smoking rates
, smoking statistics and medical benefits
bear that out. Drug companies are in the business of
making money, but they only do it when they have quality
products that offer real stop smoking help.
Q:  What are the best stop smoking aids out there?
A:  Again, that depends on your addiction. You'll find the
latest on these products on our
Stop Smoking Aids page

Q:  Should I follow a quitting smoking timeline or plan?
A:  The simple answer is yes. If you want to be successful,
you must follow a quitting smoking timeline or plan. Without
it, you will have no goals and no expectation. Goals must be
laid out on a timeline.  

Q:  Can I stop smoking on my own? I don't want to tell
anyone, in case I don't do it.
A:  You'll have strength in numbers. Tell everyone you're
quitting. They can be a huge support for you and give you
very personal stop smoking assistance.

Q:  What should I do when the stop smoking cravings hit?
A:  Do anything to keep your mind off of them. Keep your
hands busy, chew gum, suck on a lollipop, drink a glass of
water, use a stop smoking aid, just don't smoke.

Q:  Are there any tools that will help me make a stop
smoking plan?
A:  Yes, in fact we have some listed on our tools and
resources page.

Q:  How long do the stop smoking withdrawal cravings last?
A:  That depends on your addiction. The intense cravings
may last 1 or 3 months. Treat quitting like an alcoholic treats
drinking, don't take anything for granted. The craving could
get you when you least expect it, maybe even 5 years later.
Stay on your toes!

Q:  If I smoke again, does that mean I can't stop smoking?
A:  No, it means you simply relapsed. Learn from your
experience and set another quit date.
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