The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
by S2H RT Staff

Aren’t you tired of the crazy claims people have made about "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking"? Supposed customers give some testimony and they say you can quit just like they did. They usually come with claims of 100% success, don’t they? Well, if they’re so good then why are there still smokers in the world. I mean if this method was so great or was truly the easy way to stop smoking, then why isn’t it on CNN or why aren’t doctors telling their patients about it? The answer is pretty simple. There is no “easy way” to stop smoking. There is no “100% guaranteed” way to stop smoking. Many people have lost a ton of money thinking the latest and greatest was the answer to all their smoking problems.

Here are the facts. Quit rates for the observed and studied methods for smoking cessation are as follows:

    1. Cold Turkey - 3-5%

    2. Nicotine replacement - 7-10%

    3. Zyban - between 7-10%

    4. Chantix - around 20%

    5. Support/counseling - roughly 25%

You can see why so many people are trying to sell you on stop smoking shots or elixirs. The quit rates are just so low. Add acupuncture (with and without the laser) and hypnosis into the mix and you’ve got not much better results. There are no clinical studies that tell us what these more holistic approaches are, but the thought is it is somewhere around that of quitting cold turkey. Although, some practitioners of these arts may have more or less success than others.

The market for these methods has never been stronger. Despite all the tobacco law suits and bad press about manipulating or fixing nicotine to maintain the addiction, 20% of all Americans continue to smoke. Of those who do quit, roughly one-third will relapse within four years of quitting. Additionally, it takes most smokers about 7 attempts before they finally do quit for good. Finally, most every person who smokes considers quitting at least during some point or another. These are the details that many marketers are trying to capitalize on. They see this as an opportunity to promote their new and improved or herbal and natural method to stop smoking.

As we all know, if someone’s desire is strong enough they may very well have success. So if someone has tried everything else and failed, they may try something non-traditional like a natural herbal concoction or some unapproved stop smoking shot. It isn’t the method that allows these people to finally quit, but rather the smoker’s mind takes over. This is called the placebo affect and it can be a powerful player in the medical community.

If a smoker's desire to stop smoking is strong enough, then just about any quit smoking method will seem like the easy way to stop smoking - even the unproven ones. Heck, they might even quit after drinking 10 gallons of orange juice for 15 consecutive days, if they were told that would guarantee cessation. The power of suggestion can have supreme influence over the intellect if given the chance.

Remember, everyone’s addiction, physiology and behavioral cues are different. Just because someone is successful or fails because of a certain method, doesn’t mean you’ll have the same result. Tailor a stop smoking method that is right for you and then you will have found the easy to way to stop smoking.

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