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Stop smoking by hypnosis and acupuncture are considered alternative methods to the more traditional stop smoking aids on the market. Many people distrust traditional medicine which has helped this niche market enjoy many levels of varying popularity. Currently, there is a boon on the Internet touting the amazing benefits of stop smoking by hypnosis. Several well known actors and actresses say they have stopped smoking by using hypnosis. However, scientific support has been weak and unable to prove the long term superiority of hypnosis or acupuncture over traditional or what’s called first line approaches.

There are some reports from former smokers who were able to stop smoking by hypnosis or acupuncture. There may also be use for these methods in people who have tried the more traditional approaches with little success. Many people who practice these arts tell me that hypnosis to stop smoking enjoys under appreciated success in the public eye. Again though, despite this optimistic viewpoint by practitioners, scientific review of the literature finds that over the long term, stop smoking by hypnosis is only as effective as quitting cold turkey. However, stop smoking hypnosis may help in the short term or the first month of smoking cessation when withdrawal symptoms are at their greatest.

There is a new field within hypnosis called neuro-linguistic programming or NLP for short. It shows promise to help people quit smoking, but it has not been studied to determine if there is any long term success for smoking cessation. But practitioners speak much more highly of this technique which may translate to higher quit rates than did regular stop smoking hypnosis.

Regarding acupuncture to quit smoking, a study out of Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2011 reported that acupuncture may weaken withdrawal cravings in smokers. Oh, and you might hear people mention a new way to stop smoking called the stop smoking laser. But using a laser to quit smoking is nothing more than 21st century acupuncture.

So science does not totally dismiss the concept of stop smoking hypnosis or acupunture. These arts may offer some assistance to a select group of would-be quitters. When thinking about stop smoking by hypnosis, acupuncture or the stop smoking laser, remember they are not the end-all be-all, but rather tools available to you as you journey toward becoming smoke-free.

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