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Living with COPD
by S2H RT Staff
COPD Treatment

The activities of daily living can become extremely compromised as simple tasks such as brushing teeth or daily grooming can exhaust people suffering from COPD. Morning shortness of breath, fatigue, depression and changes in sleep patterns can prove to be a chore as quality of life begins to deteriorate while breathlessness increases. Add to this the daily therapies and continuous oxygen that many with COPD must incorporate into their day, one can find the risks far outweigh the benefits of smoking in the adult years.

Here is a list of signs and symptoms that are commonly experienced with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

1. Chronic cough
2. Shortness of breath that becomes progressive
3. Wheezing sounds when breathing
4. Repeated episodes of bronchitis
5. Frequent respiratory infections
6. Sudden increase in or difficulty in clearing mucous
7. Shortness of breath when laying flat at bedtime

Chronic cough and secretion clearing problems can precede the development of COPD in some people and may be a useful signpost for those people before other symptoms of COPD become a major health problem. However, COPD may advance on people without such tell-tale markers.

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