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by S2H RT Staff
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Many people and companies claim to have the latest method to help smokers quit. It usually comes with a testimonial like, "I've tried everything else, but this miracle elixir finally made me stop smoking". They also talk about unrealistic success rates in excess of 80%. Sadly, the old adage that says "if something sounds too good to be true...", seems to hit the mark. Many of these astounding new stop smoking products are no different than the snake oil, peddled by traveling salesmen in the old west.

Some "clinics" do use actual medications that were intended for other purposes. This is called using the medication off-label. One such clinic advertises a "100% guaranteed stop smoking shot"; but this is nothing more than a medicine used to dry up a person's runny nose. There is no clinical data to support the use of this medication for smoking cessation.

Although their methods may not be published in the medical journals, these non-traditional start-ups do have one very powerful piece of medical science in their corner. It's the same piece of medicine that actually could bring about the desired outcome of smoking cessation for those desperate enough to try it. This scientific phenomena is known as the Placebo Effect.

If a smoker attempting to quit has a strong enough desire to stop smoking, then just about any stop smoking aid will be successful. You could tell them that eating pancakes for 20 consecutive days would stop their smoking habit and, as if by magic, it would probably work. The power of suggestion behind the cure, is actually greater than the cureitself - that's the placebo effect. It is well documented and has been a mainstay in medicine for years and years.

So the next time you see "The Natural Way to Stop Smoking" or "Try our Stop Smoking Shot", check them out and see if they have any evidence to back their claims of "100% Stop Smoking Success". If you're not sure about a product you find on the Internet or hear about at the water cooler, then seek advice from your physician or other smoking cessation counselor or agency. Or come back to our website and we'll let you know if it is a bonifide stop smoking aid or snake oil.

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