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Although, the medical community has provided some wonderful stop smoking aids and medications, there seems to be a synergistic effect when you combine them with quit smoking support groups. Part of the process early on is identifying what leads a person to smoke. Someone looking to stop smoking, must think about how they can make behavioral changes. These can be discovered more easily when prompted by competent counselors or a group who are familiar with the withdrawal symptoms and the processes involved. Quit smoking support groups are also free of any side effects found with other stop smoking aids.

Stop smoking support groups may consist of a counselor, doctor (or other health care professional), local agencies or it may be as simple as a telephone "quit-line". Many stop smoking aids' packaging comes with printed resources available for their consumers. When someone is experiencing weight gain, anxiety, and perhaps depression, it is important to have someone to discuss these issues with, especially if the family and friends are unable to meet the individual's needs.

In a group format, the person can expect a wide range of experiences. There may be lectures to help the smoker gain more insight into their addiction or they may learn coping skills to avoid relapse. Behavior modification is also a tool used in this setting.

Clinical studies have shown smoking cessation rates to be 20% for people willing to participate in quit smoking support groups and make the necessary behavioral changes. Unfortunately, only about 5% of smokers are willing to attend these classes. But since this is the most cost effective way to quit smoking, people may be more willing to participate today given the current economic climate.

A successful program will assess your willingness to change, identify barriers to quitting and ultimately, design a smoking cessation program for you that includes a relapse prevention component. When adding quit smoking support groups to one of the many stop smoking aids, your chances of quitting smoking become much greater.

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